Deborah Pollack, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Advanced Psychotherapy Training and Supervision

Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy 

Take your therapy skills to the next level.

 I am a licensed clinical psychologist and psychology professor with over 16 years of supervisory experience. I have a proven track record of helping therapists learn how to quickly overcome treatment barriers so that they can quickly and effectively foster change and growth with their clients.  

Advanced Training Opportunities:


What my students have said about supervision and training with me:

"I've learned how to be concise and straight-forward with my clients without sacrificing a deeply caring posture toward each of them. I've learned how to prevent sessions from getting derailed by avoidance and defenses. I've learned how to bring clients' deep emotions into the room where we can explore them together, instead of talking about them in the abstract."

"Prior to supervision with Deb, I was ridden with self-doubt, which stifled my spontaneity, and much of the time I was only accidentally helpful with clients without understanding how and why I helped them. I was comfortable musing about cases on paper but inhibited in the room. Supervision with Deb has helped me to understand and monitor my own unconscious processes and anxiety, become more intentional and clear about my rationale for my interventions, and improved my ability to observe and track client's presentations and responses to interventions. I have noticed a reduction in dropouts and negative reactions to treatment, more positive feedback from client about my empathic attunement and directness, improvement in the "aliveness" of my sessions with clients, and overall increase in my work satisfaction and reduction in burnout. Most of all, Deb has helped me to be much more comfortable and present in the room with clients, and to be more accepting of myself and my clients as doing the best that we can."

"I appreciate Dr. Pollack's thoughtful use of a wide variety of approaches to help me learn - readings we can discuss together, role plays that allow me to practice, observations of her therapy sessions, and didactic instruction about applying the model to individual cases. I have never worked with a supervisor who brought so many different useful techniques to bear in supervision! Supervision with Dr. Pollack is individualized and personally enriching in addition to helping me develop my skills as a therapist."

"Supportive, validating, providing good feedback, and collaborative!"

"Deb is knowledgeable, friendly, and approachable, with a great sense of humor, which is so important for helping supervisees embrace the challenges of learning an experiential dynamic model of therapy. She models a nonjudgmental and accepting stance while supporting and challenging her supervisees to grow in their understanding of themselves and their clients. She is skilled at explaining concepts clearly and helping supervisees understand what they are seeing in their work with clients through an experiential dynamic lens, and at the same time, is not dogmatic, and encourages supervisees to think for themselves and be themselves."