Currently my schedule does not allow for long-term psychotherapy, however I do offer time-limited ISTDP, which consists of a trial therapy (2.5 hours) of ISTDP with 12 follow-up sessions. In person only.

Time-limited ISTDP 

*in person only*

I am offering time-limited ISTDP, which is a 2.5 hour trial therapy plus up to 12 follow-up sessions. Due to my limited availability I cannot offer more than 12 follow-up sessions. We will determine in your trial therapy whether  we believe you can make some progress in 12 sessions or less. If I determine that you would benefit from a longer-term therapeutic relationship, I will make appropriate referrals to other therapists. You can also elect to just do a trial session with me. An ISTDP "trial therapy" is an intensive psychotherapy session to understand and begin to undo internal, often unconscious mechanisms that seem to be keeping you stuck. This is also a good option to begin some intensive work while you are on a wait-list to start psychotherapy with someone else, so that you can make the most use of your time in that therapy. Alternatively, this can help when your therapy has gotten "stuck" or plateaued. I can usually identify what the sticking points are, and help you and your therapist understand what to do to get out of it. 

These sessions are video-recorded and will be encrypted and protected. 

I do not take insurance and my rate is $500 for the trial therapy and $200 per follow-up session.  Contact me for further information.