Advanced Training for Therapists


Practice and Agency specific workshops

What is ISTDP?

Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) is a trauma-informed and attachment-based therapy. The model is based on a psychoanalytic understanding of what leads to psychological suffering. ISTDP therapy is different from traditional psychoanalysis however. We use active, engaged techniques to help patients see and let go of the defenses they are using to block feelings and intimacy with others. We also help patients to better regulate their anxiety so that they feel safe enough to be open with us.  Then they can better integrate the unconscious feelings and impulses that have been driving their use of defenses, and ideally, their symptoms recede. By helping patients let go of barriers to intimacy with us, we work to build up their ability to have secure attachments. There are other psychotherapies that work in this way, however the advanced techniques of ISTDP help this process to happen much faster than most models, so that the patient can feel relief as soon as possible.

ISTDP has a strong evidence-base for most psychological problems, including mood, anxiety, somatic, and personality disorders. The IEDTA webpage has a great listing of the empirical research that has been done showing the effectiveness of ISTDP and other Experiential Dynamic Therapies.

Individual Supervision

I have been providing individual supervision for over 16 years to licensed professionals (e.g. LCSW, PhD, PSyD) and doctoral students in clinical psychology. I have received exemplary feedback from my supervisees over the years, who consistently tell me that supervision with me has been one of the best training experiences of their career. I have also received advanced training of supervision in an ISTDP model through Jon Frederickson's ISTDP Institute (3-year Training of Trainers in ISTDP, 2017-2020). 

I can provide supervision in person or online, but I do require some video recordings of your work so that I can see what you are not seeing.  I tailor my supervisory style to best fit your learning and emotional needs. 

I may be able to provide post-degree supervision hours for new therapists seeking licensure (e.g., LMHC, LCSW-R designation) in New York State. This is dependent on my schedule and whether I can offer the required hours. 

Contact me to talk more about your interest in individual supervision.

Psychotherapy practice workshops

I can provide workshops to psychotherapy practices and mental health agencies to help your therapists build their skills and rapidly increase their effectiveness. I can present on various topics including: quickly and safely working through resistance, somatic anxiety tracking and regulation, therapist self-awareness and emotional blocks, defense identification and restructuring, and more. I am available to consult about the specific needs of your practice or agency and can design a training to best address those needs. I also significantly lower my fees for non-profit agencies that serve low-income and underserved clients. We can also discuss providing CEs for your therapists.

Please contact me for more information.